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From 27 Feb – 5 Mar 2023


7:30 – 8:30 PM IST


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Who have taken this course would recommend you to join in if you fit any of the following:

College Student

Are you a college student who wants to learn JavaScript and get a good job ?

Switch in IT

You are already doing a job in the non-IT sector but wanted to switch to IT ?

Job Seeker

Are you a graduate who wanted to learn & Master programming and wants a high-paying job?

JavaScript Developer

Do you want to MASTER JAVASCRIPT programming and become a JAVASCRIPT developer?

Website Developer

Are you new to programming and wanted to MASTER JavaScript to become a Full-stack developer?

This 🔴 LIVE JavaScript Course helps you master the fundamentals of JavaScript Programming in just 7 days. ✅ With daily live Classes, assignments, and a doubt session, you can learn from scratch without any prior coding knowledge

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Yes! You will be certified by Codes Learning which brings a lot of credibility to your resume.

🎁 Book now and Get Premium Products Worth ₹10400 For Free

Here’s what you’ll gonna learn in 7-days:

Day 1 Introduction

➤ Master Building of Coding
➤ Introduction to Programming
➤ Software Installation
➤ Writing your first program

Assignment 1

Day 2 Basics

➤ Comments
➤ Variables
➤ Data Types
➤ Basic JavaScript Programs

Assignment 2

Day 3 Operations

➤ Operators
➤ Types of Operator

Assignment 3

Day 4 Programs

➤ Resume Builder Site
➤ To do App
➤ Calculator
➤ Form Web Site

Assignment 4

Day 5 Conditons

➤ If
➤ If-else
➤ If-elif-else
➤ Nested if-else

Assignment 5

Day 6 Project Building

➤ Resume Builder Site
➤ Truth and Lie Game

Assignment 6

Day 7 Certification Ceremony

➤ Get Certificate
➤ Coding Contest Winner Announcement
➤ Job Guidance
➤  Career Options

🎁 Free Gifts

🎁 Book now and Get Premium Products Worth ₹10400 For Free

Your Mentor, Sanskar

Sanskar Singh

🤖 Full-Stack Developer, JavaScript Developer & Ex AI Engineer
💻 Founder- Codes Learning

I have successfully taught JavaScript to over 2254+ students. Founded Codes Learning having a 15,10,032++ Programmers community base and the Number 1 Coding Institute in India 🇮🇳

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🎁 Book now and Get Premium Products Worth ₹10400 For Free

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7 - Day LIVE Core JavaScript Mastery Course

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➤ Master the basics of JavaScript in just 7-day Live Course.
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🎁 Book now and Get Premium Products Worth ₹10400 For Free

you’ve in your mind
When does the live class starts ?

You can find all the details regarding the workshop dates and timings at the top of the page.

Will this be live or pre-recorded ?

This is going to be a completely live course and recordings will be also provided.

What are the timings ?

You can find all the details regarding the course dates and timings at the top of the page.

Would there be any certificate on completion ?

Yes! You will receive a certificate on completion if you attend the entire live session.

I made the payment but did'nt receive any email.

Please write to: contactcodeslearning@gmail.com or you can call us at +917217748388 our awesome support team will get back to you in within 1 hour.

When will i receive the bonus ?

You will receive all the free gifts within 48 hours once the course is done.

Is there any coding knowledge required to attend the class ?

NO! you don’t need to have coding knowledge. We will teach you from 0 level, relax.

Which language we use for communication ?

In order to communicate with you, we are going to use both Hindi and English.

How can I get T-shirt and Book ?

We organize a coding contest on the 7th day where the top 3 students from the batch will get a Free T-shirt and JavaScript Book. The certificate is for everyone but only the top 3 will get a t-shirt and book.

Can I ask for refund ?

Currently, we are not running these classes on a refund policy.

Still have any question ?

Ask us via Mail at 📧contactcodeslearning@gmail.com or call 📲 us at +91 7217748388.